A Truly Unique Talent.

Blessed with an incredibly unique gift for physical comedy, Chris Farley, was much more than the "fat guy in a little coat".  Born in Madison Wisconsin, Chris had an idyllic childhood - summer camps, high school sports and a close knit family.  After graduating from Marquette University, Chris worked briefly for his Dad before moving to Chicago where he became the breakout star for the legendary Second City Theater group.  It was here that he created arguably his most memorable character - motivational speaker Matt Foley.

Recruited by Lorne Michaels, Chris joined the cast of Saturday Night Live in 1990, where he blossomed into a fan favorite alongside David Spade, Chris Rock and Adam Sandler.  Chris delighted audiences, hosts and colleagues alike with his manic enthusiasm and innate generosity.

Chris juggled his increasing popularity on SNL with his first feature film role, Tommy Boy.  Starring with his good friend Spade, the film enjoyed box office success and has become a veritable rite of passage for film fans around the world.

Chris Farley remains a fan favorite and the myriad of characters he created over the years live on.